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Carpool Program

What is the IU Carpool Program?

Purpose: To make carpooling attractive to university faculty and staff.
Benefits: Save money, share the driving with friends or co-workers, and even receive reserved parking on campus.
Incentives: Reserved parking spaces for Carpool vehicles, special use permits for individual Carpool members, and eligibility for the Emergency Ride Home program.
Environment: Reduces traffic congestion and supports the Clean Air Act.

Eligibility for a Carpool Permit

In order to participate, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Carpool must consist of at least two members, each of whom must register with IU Parking Operations
  • Each participant must be a full-time appointed IU employee. Appointed graduate students and hourly student employees are not eligible.
  • Participants must be eligible to purchase an 'A' or 'C' parking permit.
  • Participants must present a valid Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration with Carpool Registration Form.

Incentives of the Carpool Program

Reserved Parking

Carpool members in a pool of three or more members may select a convenient parking lot or parking garage, and Parking Operations will assign a specific reserved parking space for the exclusive use of the Carpool members.

Emergency Ride Home

The university provides participants a ride home in unplanned, emergency situations through the Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program. This service can be used up to three times per semester (or six times per academic year). Visit the ERH program page for details.

One-Day Permits

Each of member of a Three Person Carpool and the non-A permit holding member of the Two Person Carpool receives ten one-day parking permits per year for those occasions when it is necessary to drive to work.

Individual Evening Permits

While Carpool groups are assigned one shared permit, individual participants will also be issued an Evening permit, valid from 5 p.m. - 7 a.m. in any non-24 hour A, C, or ST space (including parking garages).

Carpool Permit Cost

The Carpool permit price is the same as a 'C' permit. This price varies year to year - please contact Parking Operations for details. If the carpool dissolves for any reason during the year, please inform Parking Operations within two weeks. The members are then free to purchase pro-rated parking permits through the normal procedures.

How to Participate

To register a Car Pool, visit Parking Operations along with a valid Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration of each rider.  For individuals seeking carpool partners, we recommend visiting www.zimride.com/iub.

Please note that each member of the carpool must register with Parking Operations in order to enjoy the privileges of a Carpool parking permit. Members will be assigned one Carpool permit to share. All individual members of the carpool will also be issued an Evening permit which is valid from 5 p.m. until 7 a.m. in any non-24 hour A, C, or ST space (including parking garages).