Bus Schedules

Fall 2014

- Reduced Service on Labor Day (9/1).

Summer Break Schedule:

Fall 2014 Schedules:
A Route (Monday-Thursday)
A Route (Friday)
A Route (Weekend)
B Route (Monday-Thursday)
B Route (Friday)
B Route (Weekend)
E Route (Monday-Thursday)
E Route (Friday)
E Route (Weekend)
X Route (Monday-Thursday)
X Route (Friday)
Night Owl (Fri. & Sat. ONLY)

Labor Day:
A Route Labor Day
B Route Labor Day
E Route Labor Day

If you would like to see where the buses are in real-time, click here


Campus Bus Service
120 W. Grimes Lane
Bloomington, Indiana 47403
Phone: (812) 855-8384
E-Mail Address: iubus@indiana.edu